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I had the chance to learn from Reinout at Randstad, he held a fantastic training session on negotiations, and I believe it was the best training session I attended at RSR. Reinout is very engaging, amiable, and great mentor/coach.
It was an amazing experience when we allocated the new vacuum cleaner project in Philips by applying Game Theory and achieved extraordinary saving. I am sure your clients can learn and benefit a lot from you!
Reinout is a seasoned negotiation expert and I witnnessed his transformation in leading a complex EMEA sales organisation. As a leader, he sets a high standard of performance and inspires his team with relentless grit. At the same time, you can always depend on him to shows patience, give smart practical tips and relativate things with humor. I trust Reinout to deliver an exceptional ROI on every project he decides to take on, and exceed your initial expectations and learnings.
When Reinout led the Philips Shaving Procurement team, he brought absolute break-through results through the application of state-of-the-art negotiation mechanisms. I vividly remember the time where he, almost singlehandedly, managed to salvage a go-to-market business case for a new product by securing a cost down in the tens of millions of euro's. Needless to say this greatly added to the popularity of the Procurement team, as the local Innovation & Development team had already worked on it for years.
Reinout is mastering game theory negotiations to perfection. Reinout realized exceptional results for my leased car projects at Philips in Europe and North America. A negotiation perfectionist that always delivers and keeps pushing to deliver more.
Reinout is simply a leader in negotiation excellence. Our work together at Philips spanned several years, and included two complex and highly competitive tenders for Facilities Management and Renewable Energy. One of Reinout’s key talents was his end-to-end ownership of working with my Procurement team to understand business requirements, and only then designing an appropriate strategy. As important as the >26mEUR savings was, Reinout’s personal style made working the long hours together easier, and this is yet another reason I can fully recommend working with him.
I had the privilege to work together with Reinout on several negotiation projects within Logistics, where Reinout demonstrated the perfect balance between "have fun and Kick ass". he delivered exceptional value in creating the right nego tactics and strategies and on top of that a true team player only looking for the best outcome.
I worked with Reinout multiple times in his role of commercial excellence. The difference in approach and rigor to how we previously approached negotiations was like chalk and cheese. The process he brought from his experience at previous companies meant we looked at the whole opportunity, looking for the best approach to give whilst safeguarding the integrity of the deal and commercial outcome targets.
My team and I attended a negotiation sales training with Reinout, and I was extremely impressed with the depth of training he offered. Often these types of trainings are generic and one-sided. Reinout was masterful in engaging the participants in real life scenarios: working through gathering prospect information, how to best analyze the information gathered, and finally walk them through the give-and-take in negotiations to dramatically increase the likelihood of the sale. I would highly recommend any sales organization to take this training whenever possible.
Working with Reinout is such a pleasure! He is a true professional and has an innate talent to advise and guide by giving a clear steer on what needs to be done, how to do it and why. He believes in making and keeping commitments - strong commitments. He will ensure that everyone gets from A to B in a structured and methodical way but he will hold you to your commitments! If Reinout is part of your team or advising you in your business, you are privileged. His knowledge and approach is second to none in terms of style and content.
With Reinout, every negotiation is a masterclass. He truly embodies the essence of this sentiment, proving time and again that he is an expert in negotiation excellence.
Reinout is a proven leader with many abilities within the procurement realm. From providing great coaching and meaningful guidance in different complex negotiations we did together, to leading global procurement and cost impact negotiations, Reinout became the reference for negotiation excellence at Philips. I can certainly credit many of my negotiation successes to his partnership and support. Always resourceful and with great communication skills, he truly has the ability to build bridges and lasting relationships, including in multicultural environment. He is a must have in any procurement organization and I hope we can cross our paths and collaborate again in the future.
Reinout has been instrumental in the set up and the success of Negotiation Excellence at Philips. As a true business partner, I have seen how he matured the commercial competence of the procurement function, but more importantly how he delivered unprecedented negotiation results in any area he touched. This step up in professionalism and performance was delivered through training, coaching, but also by running negotiations with new advanced techniques across all procurement domains, both direct and indirect. Interestingly he has been expanding his added value by also applying the new approaches in the sales cycle at Randstad. I can recommend this unique and great mix to any team or negotiation project.
Yousef Rifai
Yousef Rifai Recruiting Specialist - Randstad
Dennis Fang
Dennis Fang Head of Electrical Commodity - Electrolux
Vincent Verspaandonk
Vincent Verspaandonk Vice President Business Development - Randstad
Ali Murat Dagli
Ali Murat Dagli Director Strategy – Integrated Supply Chain - Philips
Pim de Weerd
Pim de Weerd Global Mobility Manager - ASML
Joe Pendergast
Joe Pendergast Real Estate, Procurement & Energy, Americas - Philips
Niek Ruiters
Niek Ruiters Global Head Distribution & Transportation - DSM
Sam Weller
Sam Weller Directeur Global Sales, Randstad
Scott Bishop
Scott Bishop Chief Growth Officer - American Health Staffing Group
Lorna Elias
Lorna Elias Global Head of Professional Services Randstad Sourceright
Rachid Schmitz
Rachid Schmitz CEO Straight-Line Leadership
Emiliano Quintela
Emiliano Quintela Vice President Global Logistics Operations - DSM
Frank Dingen
Frank Dingen Founder - Perform & Transform